Too Dangerous For Twitter

As you might have seen, I lost 149,000~ followers due to Twitter censorship – for criticizing the rich Silicon Valley elite, the vacuous Hollywood celebrities and Twitter’s unwarranted suspensions of users for their political beliefs (let’s be real – my suspension is the final straw – they aren’t banning people for abuse). Anonymous left-wing accounts can make death threats to someone’s young child(ren), get unsuspended in less than an hour and go right back to being genuinely abusive, but conservative, libertarian and alt-right commentators can be banned for having harmless opinions which deviate from Twitter’s left-wing norms.

The list of things I was banned for, expanded:
1. Criticizing Silicon Valley, San Francisco, California, and Venture Capital in general, using their own statements and data which proved that people like Chris Sacca, Hunter Walk, Ellen Pao, Melinda Byerley and Erica Joy collude against middle America with genuine contempt and hatred masked as ‘inclusion’ and ‘tolerance’.
2. Criticizing Jack Dorsey and Twitter’s executive decisions to ban, without appeal or parole, Milo Yiannopoulos, Martin Shkreli, Pax Dickinson, Chuck Johnson, Jared Wyand, Azealia Banks, Mike Ma, Tila Tequila, and everyone else they’ve banned for opinion and show rather than substantive evidence of abuse.
3. Pointing out that Twitter, Periscope and other related companies were founded by San Francisco natives and not immigrants as the companies falsely claimed.
4. Obliterating (and now that I’m banned, I can use the following words) destroying, trashing, smashing, burning, incinerating to nothingness and dust, massacring and shredding to bits the lies told by left-wing journalists and mainstream media outlets.
5. Spreading the news of how the Daily Beast accused Davis MJ Aurini and Matt Forney of being responsible for the Quebec City shootings.
6. Identifying a New York Times editor who asked Jack Dorsey to ban the President of the United States from Twitter.
7. Pointing out that Sarah Kendzior is another pseudointellectual feminist hack who blames all of the world’s problems on white men.
8. Being entertaining. If I was boring, the other 7 would mean nothing, but I actually managed to turn Economics and Silicon Valley’s coastal elitism into big name issues.
9. Being followed by a lot of awesome and named celebrity people. My tweets were on Tucker Carlson’s show (which is awesome, by the way) 3 times in the span of about 8 days. I had surpassed all expectations. Twitter couldn’t avoid reading my tweets themselves, I had become one of the power users, I had become the elite and I can guarantee you that every time Jack Dorsey read one of my tweets, he had a near-seizure in his sweater vest.
10. If you tweet your disapproval of the bans instituted by Twitter’s new ban czar Ed Ho ( you will probably be suspended yourself. So whatever you do, do NOT tweet @mrdonut, @jack and @support and tell them what you think of these awful suspensions.

How does the appeal process work? (Hint, it doesn’t)
You’re placed in a queue and your replies are ‘read’ by a machine. There is no appeal, even the idea of an appeal is fictional, your replies are automatically discarded. You can’t consult with a real person, no matter how hard you try.  Twitter has no intent to actually improve the process, and their statements about ‘making Twitter safer and less abusive’ are nonsense, they intend to simply ban more conservatives, libertarians and others while letting those who make death threats run wild.

My account was never suspended prior to this, yet I have been treated as a repeat offender. I wasn’t linked to any tweets in specific that were deemed ‘abusive’. That’s because labeling the kind of tweets I made as ‘abusive’ would be a gross mischaracterization of their content, thus making Twitter look completely foolish, and incriminating whoever was mentioned in those tweets as the one who demanded the censorship of my account.

Twitter, if you really want to be better – add a REAL appeals process, and do not permanently suspend accounts. Instead, use timed suspensions, and then restore the account. If it’s a particularly bad offense, just make the suspension longer. Also, do not remove verification checkmarks. Ever. The people who have them earned them via hard work and sacrifice and many of them are susceptible to identity theft, which is why many of the jealous left-wing criminals who ask for people’s verification marks to be removed do so – so they can try to engage in identity theft. Also, please do not remove the good tweets of people who have been suspended – that’s akin to book-burning, and it’s a form of censorship.

To my real friends, fans, and followers, thank you. Thank you for continuing to follow me and my work. I appreciate you.

– Craig R. Brittain