Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey buys $7m in shares after deliberately lowering TWTR’s value by suspending and censoring critics

Twitter stock prices continued to fall after Jack Dorsey purchased $7 million in shares of the company using the hashtag “#LoveTwitter”.  Critics have asserted previously that Dorsey may intentionally be lowering the value of the company by permanently suspending those who disagree with Twitter’s left-wing status quo, and recursively suspending those who criticize the action of censoring those users.  On January 30th, Twitter announced the hiring of new Suspension Czar Ed Ho, who immediately announced his mission statement to improve Twitter safety, which uncoincidentally preceded a new wave of suspensions targeting conservative, libertarian, anti-government and anti-establishment Twitter accounts. Meanwhile, numerous left-wing accounts which engaged in actual threatening behavior were entirely ignored, including an “Anti-Fascist” account which publicly threatened the life of journalist Cassandra Fairbanks’ young daughter. Those concerns were not addressed until days later, while the primary focus was clearly the removal and suspension of political rivals like myself,  Martin Shkreli, and others in the vein of Milo Yiannopoulos, who recently stated that Twitter’s goal is to “transform into a non-profit.

This is all part of an ongoing left-wing crusade to censor, defame, defund, fire, and generally destroy the life of anyone who isn’t part of the regressive movement or the eunuchoid GOP establishment. The goal of Silicon Valley, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Seattle and other left-wing hub cities is to expel anyone who isn’t part of their cult.

Melinda Byerley tells you how Silicon Valley feels about YOU. Her message is approved by Chris Sacca, Hunter Walk, Ellen Pao and most of San Francisco, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley, and many Venture Capital establishments that decide the economic future of you and your family.

CRV loves immigrants and hates everyone else.
Ellen Pao blackballs Peter Thiel and all other Trump voters and investors.
Support Trump? Erica Joy wants you to be fired.
CRV refuses funding to Trump supporters.
The left doesn’t want to fund you.

Byerley’s message, as I mentioned, is not uncommon. The left-wing establishment and especially Venture Capital has sabotaged the US economy by refusing to fund right-leaning cities, in spite of Forbes/WalletHub recently naming 9 out of 10 red cities (yes, Rancho Cucamonga is a red city) as their best places to find a job.
he left-wing in general have withdrawn funding of red states in general, and have now begin falsely touting their funding of immigrants. In truth, they’re really making it a point NOT to fund people who have lived in the US for decades, as they view all of us as inferior.

The reason why Twitter is really dying out is because they have taken a partisan political stance and suspended many right-leaning people for the most minor of grievances, while ignoring or even rewarding left-wing abuse (Charlie Sheen’s tweet wishing for President Trump’s death became a promoted, official, sponsored moment endorsed by Twitter itself and all of the company staff). They would rather intentionally destroy profits than allow right-leaning people to participate. This is the mindset that has crippled all of us. This is why we need a REAL revolution in the United States, to take back the jobs and funding that have been stolen from us.