#MallGate: Minneapolis, Minnesota City Councilwoman Alondra Cano Doxes Her Constituents.

By Craig Brittain, independent journalist.

During Wednesday’s protest at the Mall of America in Minnesota and California titled ‘Black Xmas’ in which aggressive, hostile protestors shut down the entrances to roads and airports, Minneapolis City Councilwoman Alondra Cano of the 9th Ward received criticism for her endorsement of what many citizens feel are acts of domestic terror, disruption, rioting and illegal protest.

Her response to the aforementioned criticism?

She went as far as to release the private information (“dox”) of her constituents, including their home addresses, email addresses and phone numbers. This was chronicled by numerous independent journalists on Twitter:

“Doxing” or “Doxxing” (The spelling is a controversial ‘holy wars’ style argument) is a practice in which private information is released for the purpose of intimidating the person whose details are enclosed within, akin to a childhood bully shouting “I know where you live!” on a playground, only for adults who haven’t transcended that level of maturity.

The best part of Cano’s trolling is that it completely backfired and her would-be victims instead received praise and encouragement. Stephen Dent, a 62-year-old gay man who was among those doxed (doxxed?) by Alondra Cano said that instead of the intended harassment and intimidation that Cano had wished upon him, he instead received calls offering praise, consolation, respect, and admiration for his willingness to stand up against an elected official’s bumbling attempt at cyberbullying.

Inconsequentially, supporters of the independent journalism ethics watchdog group/consumer movement #GamerGate were accused of harassment by Alondra Cano, in response to their criticism of her actions taken against innocent individuals whose only error may have been voting for the person who would later reveal their details for the entire world to see.

Award-winning video game developer and #GamerGate supporter Mark Kern (Red 5, Blizzard Entertainment, League 4 Gamers) responded to these unsubstantiated claims via his Twitter page:

This story is still developing and I will provide updates in the next few days.